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A.I. for Drug Discovery

We apply advanced analytical methods including AI/ML to identify new uses for molecules.

Our Mission: With our specialized knowledge, we are aiming to set new standards in the pharmaceutical industry adding value to drugs and contributing to the health of people.

Our Vision: Galactica Biotech provides a drug repurposing method to identify novel applications for molecules in the market, and in development, for major and orphan diseases, reducing the risk for patients as well as time and cost for companies. 

Services we provide

Developing a new medicine is slow and expensive.

In Galactica Biotech we have developed a Cutting Edge Proprietary Machine Learning Method that is able to identify new applications for molecules.

We would like to help you identify new applications for your molecules in a fast and efficient way.

GB Drug Discovery Pipeline

GB is currently using its technology to generate its own pipeline of therapeutic molecules for the following diseases.