A.I. for Drug Discovery


Our platform has discover a potential active molecule against COVID 19, if your organization is interested to test it contact us, we will keep researching new molecules.

Galactica Biotech is an Innovative Company applying advanced analytical methods including Machine Learning to identify new uses for molecules.

Mission: With our specialized knowledge, we are aiming to set new standards in the pharmaceutical industry adding value to drugs and contributing to the health of people.

Vision: Identify novel applications for molecules in the market, and in development, for major and orphan diseases, reducing the risk for patients as well as time and cost for companies.

Seal of Excellence: An international panel of independent experts of the European Commission evaluated the proposal of Galactica Biotech in a very competitive process as a high-quality project passing an extremely demanding evaluation process on each of the criteria (excellence, impact, quality and efficiency of implementation).


Developing a new medicine is slow and expensive, Galactica Biotech can help you in the following areas.

Drug Repurposing / Repositioning: Discover new applications for your molecules and generate additional Intellectual Property.

Virtual Screening enhanced by Machine Learning: Prioritize molecules from comercial or private datasets.

Binding site identification with Machine Learning: Analyse new potential targets. 

GB Drug Discovery Pipeline

GB is currently using its technology to generate its own pipeline of therapeutic molecules for the following diseases.